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will take charge after the election. melissa: time for stocks, let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides standing by. stocks are in rally mode. nicole: it is interesting following the market after this historic reopening of the new york stock exchange yesterday we saw stocks mixed and virtually flat. today a nice rally underway by lots of aftermath and recovery after sandy. taking a look at these charts for you. seeing up arrows, the dow up 120 points, the s&p up nearly 1%, the tech heavy nasdaq up one and a quarter percent. you can look over a period of a month, the month of october we actually snapped a four month winning streak. october was a losing month on
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wall street butt kicking off november we're starting with up arrows across the board with names like home depot. everybody getting supplies to clean up after the hurricane, is a leader. lori: investors are loving the bullish economic data. better-than-expected jobs growth within u.s. companies adding more than 158,000 jobs last month. initial jobless claims dropped 363,000 last week better than expected. in the manufacturing sector we learned activity expanded at a faster pace than projected showing the industry is stabilizing..3 consumer confidence rose for the second month to a high not seen since february 2008. keep in mind report done before the hurricane. can we expect the stock market rally to continue? the senior market analyst at wells fargo here to weigh in. thank you for joining us. these are confusing times right
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before a presidential election, what are you advising clients as far as the equity market? >> hopefully they are squared up by now. traitors and a lot of investors who are in and out a lot has been squaring up for the last month. what we want our clients doing is taking advantage of pullbacks. wish we would've had a little bit of a pullback. the s&p might get down to 1370, something like that rather than just four or 5%. we could see that certainly sometime between now and the end of the year. i think we will see more volatility. what we want our clients buying stocks in industry groups that are sensitive to continuation of the economic recovery during the stage. lori: just to be clear on your strategy. >> any kind of pullback we want them buying.
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my idea in my thoughts on the election or we will trade-off results of that through thanksgiving when winds. and then the market will get back to trying to figure out what is the economy, what will earnings do. from current levels i think we have some decent upside next year. lori: department stores, application software, given the hurricane and the aftermath you heard home depot, are you changing some strategies? given that disaster? >> our investors, given with the retail investors in it for the longer haul. the home-improvement retailers, they have really done well, and things are selling right now. plywood, tarps, all those things
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are low margin items and while they have seen a jump since sandy hit in the market has reopened, i don't know how much they're really going to get out of sandy, but they will get more out of a continuation of the economic recovery so if you are in those we want you to stay in those, but we are not trying to get our investors in and out of stocks quickly based on the aftermath of the hurricane. lori: until your talking but the treasuries, are you taking up the space, we'd advise equities? >> even though the market is pretty close, the year-end target for this year is 1400 1400-1450 to read just about in the middle of that range. that does not mean we don't want our clients investing, we don't want them raising cash because right now we are trying to get them in position for the next
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12, 15, 18 months. for that you have to be fully invested right here. lori: appreciated. power coming back in new york and new jersey. hoboken, new jersey, still largely underwater thanks to the storm trapping residents in their home. jeff flock in hoboken with the very latest. the lines for the gas stations and to get to work is so frustrating, so troubling. what is the latest? >> lines everywhere. a line to get into the cvs. this is a community lot of financial professionals live over here in hoboken. this is the police department, talk about people coming, power coming back on. the national guard still out in force handing out water to
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people, there are shelters still set up because even the water has largely gone down. you still have problems the water is on but still people getting anything you need power for. trucks come up and will sell food to you. cold beer, hot food, they have a generator running. so there you go. the guys on fox news still in a line. sure enough, there you go. my only caution on that having
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been in a hurricane situation is at some point if it doesn't clean up, that runs out. that spirit can wear thin. we hope it will continue. melissa: thousands entered a third day without power. tempers flared as he waited for hours to fill up for home generators. as many as half of all gas stations in and around new york city are shut down because they are either out of fuel or don't have electricity with those lucky enough to have fuel, even more waiting as commuters spent hours in traffic jams waiting to get into new york city in many cases were hours long with new york city transit systems partially
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running. they wrapped around the block several times, forcing the buses to come into manhattan. lots of people coming in on foot. that was the way to go. lori: i heard old fallen trees. i melissa: it was fun. lori: so far, so good. at least in the city. melissa: all right, speaking of gas lines, let's take a look at trading on the cme. after unexpected drop last week fox business contributor in the pits of the cme. if sandy is still part of the equation? >> you bet it is. here and across the country. obviously got a nice boost for u.s. supplies because of course he really trying to rebound from the loss of supplies but if you
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look between the prin brent cru, they cannot send their oil. you have a lot of these tankers, heating oil, diesel fuel that cannot get into the harbors pushing down the heating oil market today. that is an incredible thing you don't think about. the other thing is the demand when it comes to heating oil we use basically for all the fuel, also a proxy for jet fuel. consider this, all those that landed usually burn about a gallon of diesel fuel per second with all those flights canceled that is a lot more jet fuel waiting to be used. you cannot fill them up in europe.
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lori: we appreciate it. timeless stocks today. melissa: the 16th chapel with 500, but it is starting to show. contemplating drastic actions. and looking out to break, show you how that trade is shaping up. up almost a full percent. i was trying. we will be right back. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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lori: all right, let's make money with charles payne. expecting strong earnings next week. this stock getting exceptional profits. >> i hope it is strong. fossil. we talked about this one before. they do the michael kors brand. the jewelry that was up 95% rolling out the michael kors jewelry. they do watches. it has been up and down, up and down. it went from 14270 in a week. at the time it was a lot of question marks about had they stopped spending. i don't consider it a 1% stock.
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it is aspirational moving from whatever percent 41%, but still peg ratio less than one. around the world they have been doing pretty well, even europe, which is fantastic. a pretty interesting brand. on the cusp of the major breakout. obviously we know two things, the stock is volatile, have never seen more fickle analyst. the analyst follow, one day they like it, one day they don't. i've never seen wall street analysts changed their mind so much. like it at least threw one bad quarter. it is one i like, little higher than normal risk. melissa: all right, thank you so much. let's check the market, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. a couple of dow component out with earnings.
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>> let's take a look at exxon and then take a look at pfizer. names on the move, one of the few still leaning to the downside. they came out with their quarterly numbers and for the third quarter, we have to talk about outlook, something that has been a key factor. actually falling to a three-year low. we saw the quarterly profit topping estimates, but it was lower. that is something watching from exxon. as far as pfizer goes, they came out with their quarterly reports. down 1.5%. their profits matched the expectations, revenue missed. one thing we think of pfizer, so many people think of lipitor. sales have been lower. that is something we continue to find. also, exclusivity for the drug, they lost that late last year. the board offered a $10 billion share buyback.
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lori: thank you so much. melissa: staying on as ceo through 2014. good news or bad news for investors over there. we will toss the analyst and get a take on that one. lori: charlie gasparino will have some big breaking news, an exclusive for you. let's take a look at the dollar, see how it is at trading. during times of disaster, super storm sandy, it actually is causing the foreign exchange market to focus in on the particular currency at risk. the euro is weaker against the dollar and it will change. the dollar stronger against the yen. we are back after this. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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>> it is 21 minutes past the hour. this is your fox news minute. all three major new york area airports have resumed operations
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under reduced schedules due to hurricane sandy. the court he was the last of three tree open. runways extend open to the bay and they were flooded. nearly 20,000 flights have been canceled. president obama and mitt romney back in the campaign trail after taking a break from harsh attacks during a hurricane. at a campaign rally in virginia governor romney said mr. obama doesn't understand business. while the obama campaign accuses governor romney of lurching false attacks and false attacks. here's breaking news. penn state former president has been charged in the cherries and dusky molestation scandal. he's accused of charges. the school's president for 16 years is the third officially to be accused of crimes in an alleged cover-up. those are your news headlines this hour on the fox business network. back to melissa and lori.
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lori: thank you so much. breaking news in the aftermath of sandy. con edison said ma it may take until next saturday or sunday, a week from this weekend november 10 or 11th restoring power to some customers. those served by underground networks in midtown and lower manhattan who lost power during the storm will have their service back by this saturday. lori: that affects me. melissa: come on over, we have plenty of room. lori: an unbelievable tragedy. this is the swath of damage and it is unbelievable. melissa: you can come on over, we're happy to have you. the dogs might have to sit outside, that might be a dealbreaker. lori: on a serious note, the froth thickens over the whole thing of trading, might have
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less to do with super storm sandy than you think. charlie has exclusive details. >> this will be pored over for the next couple of weeks why they had to close because it is not just getting human beings on the ground, there were contingency plans being worked out saturday by the major exchanges and wall street firms. here's what some of the big brokerage firms tell the fox business network as to why the new york stock exchange had to close monday and tuesday. the same sources on the fox business network the security and exchange commission wanted a monday open based on the contingency planning but here's what happened. saturday every major exchange was basically testing their systems. new york stock exchange was going to go to something known as the regular new york stock exchange with for traders, and something interesting happened in between it. we should back up.
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all the major brokerage firms thinking they will contract with their regular systems. something happened on monday morning, duncan niedermayer decides to change course and go fully arctic, that is when he had the revolt by the brokerage firms and that is when they said we are not ready to do this, we want out. that is communicated to the trade organization of wall street brokerages communicated to the regulators and decided essentially why not have everybody not trade on monday as the utmost precaution. a lot less about people and a lot more it seems, getting more and more on this about unpreparedness. should point out this is really interesting. since 1993, wall street has been talking about contingency plans. if there is an emergency.
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remember, in 93 the world trade center was bombed. the stock exchange chairman is leading an effort to create contingency plans moving the stock exchange and traders off-site possibly in brooklyn, possibly westchester, that was initial plan. their little electronic trading back then. 9/11, a huge thing, struck down wall street. there was sort of routing lines and electricity. shut down trading for three days. clearly there is something somewhere. a piece of paper of how to set up, and they thought they had it nailed on saturday when they started testing this thing but it seemed that sort of curveba curveball. new york stock exchange coming back with something totally different.
1:27 pm
we tested all contingencies, wall street should be fully compliant with the system, if they didn't, that is their fault. they came back to us and told us they couldn't comply as we decided not to open. a little bit of back-and-forth but clearly the bigger story, where is the plan and get it right for a change. melissa: charlie gasparino, thank you so much. lori: a live report from washington. melissa: and we will tell you were the big money is ahead of tuesday's election. and the winners and losers on the s&p 500 as we head out to break. fossil, the stock charles payne was talking about, trading up by 7% on the day. we will be right back.
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lori: time for stocks now. it has been 15 minutes before he checked in with nicole. let's go to the new york stock exchange. the stocks starting the month with triple-digit gains. >> that's right. lori we're up 111 points right now on the dow jones industrials. we've seen a majority of names in the green from drug stocks to financial are doing well as well as some retailers names like home depot helping to lead the dow along and s&p 500 and nasdaq. think of names like apple and also facebook coming back after selling off yesterday. we got in some economic news today. it was mostly good news early. slightly better than expected. as this is always ahead of the election but certainly we're starting to watch the adp report, weekly jobless claims.
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all coming in either in line or slightly better. october construction will come in there and consumer confidence. of course, tomorrow, we'll be the key, the monthly jobs report which arguably is the most economic, important economic report that we get here on wall street. we'll be waiting for that one. back to you. melissa: nicole, thanks so much. we have breaking news. live pictures as new york city mayor michael bloomberg and new york governor, andrew cuomo, secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano. they're touring the damage to the hugh carey tunnel from brooklyn filled with water. the tunnel remains closed due to flooding from the aftermath of hurricane sandy. we expect them to make comments. we'll bring you those as soon as that happens. you see the picture. they're talking to people and looking what is going on down there so we'll stay on top of that. back to politics in the final days of the election. they are reaching out to voters in several highly
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contested states. rich edson has the latest. rich, what are you hearing? lori: president obama, governor romney are on the way to next campaign stops. president obama has left wisconsin for nevada. then he is off to colorado. the handful of swing states see awful lot of candidates next five days. the obama campaign aides describe the campaign speeches as the first of his closing arguments stressing his administration has more work to do. the governor romney argues that the president's rhetoric makes it clear he is out of ideas. >> what you're seeing before your very eyes that the campaign is shrinking and shrinking to smaller things. he is talking about how he will save big bird and playing silly word games with my last name or first and then, attacking moo day in and day out. attacking me doesn't make an agenda. that doesn't get people back to work. >> what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without
1:34 pm
health insurance isn't change. >> no!. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> fox business has also been watching effects of hurricane sandy on the election especially in swing states. the ohio secretary of state tells us despite all power outages there all polling locations currently have power. officials expect that to be the case on election day. back to you. melissa: rich edson. thanks so much. lori: forget donkeys and elephants, bears rule after the election. according a new poll from baron's drew responses from more than 130 institutional investors percentage of investors who are bullish is falling steadily. shrinking to 46% from 55% back in the spring and 52% just one year ago. here with more on what big money is doing ahead of the election is baron's deputy manager. lauren, we're pleased to have you in studio. welcome. >> thank you. lori: first address this issue how your respondents
1:35 pm
view the economy. that is significant leg down in terms of how bullish they are. >> i would say so. it is rare to see a poll below 50% bulls. extraordinary to see a poll where bearish contingent effectively doubles and i think people are very worried about the economy and the money managers are worried about washington, they're worried about a lot of things. melissa: if you look at the breakdown how they invest in light of that, especially by sector it is interesting to see that they're a big group, thinks that financials are the best place to put their money. also a big group thinks it is the worst place. how can they be sort of so divided on financials and sew focus on them at the same time. >> that is good thing. people that sell have people that want to buy. that is a great point. what do they say about financials? why do you think they are so focused, folks who liked them, what did they say about it? >> they feel the financial sector has a lot of problems now under control. certainly different from several years ago. probation are getting
1:36 pm
stronger. and interest rates are still low. and they feel that the stocks will do better. lori: what is interesting about the stock market value in your survey findings most people actually find the market to be fairly valued. while they're growing less and less confident about the health of the economy, they're finding that the stock market. is that a disconnect? >> there is a disconnect there. if you probe further into the data they're concerned about beg picture things. court america has lots of cash. companies are in good shape. valuations are not particularly stressed but they're worried about the economy. they're worried about washington. there was a lot of commentary about the fiscal cliff, political dysfunction. big picture things. lori: some other particular stocks you mentioned i keyed into apple. that fell into the favor stocks for next six months and most overvalued stocks. maybe this goes to your earlier point, it is good to have buyers and sellers. >> there is a lot of action about apple both ways. the again the stock run up tremendously, on price
1:37 pm
earnings basis it is not expensive. same with quite a few stocks. there are lots of passions on both sides. melissa: probably helpful to the audience they were unified in condemnation of the utilities industry. that was the sector they loved to hate the most, right? >> they love them when the lights come on where i live. melissa: right. >> interest rates are the issue there and utilities tend to track rates. rates are very low. with the utilities you're not getting much growth other than nice dividends. lori: so you're an expert on these things. you're covering everything from the economy to sectors to individual stocks. trying to get people a sense of what the best, perhaps the safest way is to invest right now today. again we're coming off this horrible disaster and hurricane, days before a presidential election. so much uncertainty with the fiscal cliff and what not. goes on and on. you mentioned so many things we have to keep our mind on. >> at baron's we love dividends because that is money you can put in your pocket and take home.
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we look a stocks that pay dividends, we look at funds that pay dividends. we like healthy established companies and companies that are growing but companies that have good potential but sell at a reasonable valuation in the market. lori: lauren, thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: we go to breaking news right now. federal reserve much atlanta bank president dennis lockhart says he would not be surprised if sandy has a measurable effect on fourth quarter gdp given economic and dense population of northeast. lori: i heard reports of half a percent percent to percentage shave off gdp because of storm. melissa: boy, what we really need. it has been a month and a half since the attack on our consulate in libya and still very few answers. americans unhappy. the latest poll numbers. and lou dobbs's take on all that just ahead. lori: let's look at interest rates today. utility as good buy because of our previous guest because the dividend. check out interest rate
1:39 pm
market. 10-year treasury at 1.7%. we have a stock market rally. so, coming in at 2.89%, up four basis points. we're back with more after this. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras
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and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. the feds could saddle did barclays with a $470 million fine amid allegations the bank and four traders manipulated prices for
1:41 pm
electricity in california. the bank is accused of manipulating prices in one market to profit in another. if it imposes a penalty would be federal energy regulatory commission's largest fine of. the price tag on damage by superstorm sandy could reach as much as $50 billion according to new estimates by eqecat. the widespread outages of electricity and subway service could push the estimates higher. as it wrists down the value of past investments ahead of another restructuring. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa:. lori: the obama
1:43 pm
administration says it is still investigating the attacks in at the consulate in benghazi but with days before the election the american people are unhappy with the job done there. according to latest "fox news poll", 39% approve the job obama is doing on libya and 47% voters disapprove. lou dobbs is here. you've been a outspoken critic on the handling of the benghazi situation so what does the poll reflect? >> the poll reflects the sentiment, without knowing the details, understand that this administration has stonewalled, refused to be forthcoming not details but even broad brush strokes what was going on in benghazi before the attack. how much warning we had. it was, it's, it's a time for frankly, this administration, it is past time. the american people decided in large measure, i don't know what the percentage is, but an administration that won't be forthcoming, that has been contradictory, unrelentingly revisionist in its statements, basically
1:44 pm
amounts to a lie, to the american people. and i think that will be reflected tuesday. melissa: i mean it is really true when you think back to the initial response. i remember at the time being floored. it was so on just it was 9/11 after all. >> 11th anniversary of september 11. melissa: yes. to blame it on a film out of gate i found so insulting and patronizing. >> we've had tremendous reporting on this, in this, on this issue, catherine herridge, principle among those in my opinion. she is reporting on this new cable that has been revealed, to the secretary of state, laying out the fact that the state department's security team knew that there were 10 islamist militias at work in the benghazi region. in addition to, al qaeda itself. and this was less than a month before the, those attacks against the consulate, the annex, and,
1:45 pm
the murder of our ambassador and three other americans. this is a president who had the temerity, this is a secretary of state, who had the temerity, reading this cable, to walk out and say to the american people, without so much as a blanch, that this was about a youtube video? this is sickening. this is sickening, misrepresentation and i think frankly unforgivable on any level. lori: branches of media are still critical fox news and fox business for continuing to talk about benghazi. >> the distinguished foreign policy journalist and columnist with "the washington post", david ignatius, finally, finally acknowledging that fox is asking the right questions and questions this administration refused to answer. he is the first in the liberal mainstream media, and the most arguably, the most important voice on foreign policy amongst the, the liberal columnists, to
1:46 pm
say, now we need answers. the response in the national media, "the washington post", "the new york times", "the los angeles times", the broadcast networks, has been deafening in its abject disregard of everything that ignatius said and all that we reported. this is a moment in which i think the american people feel deeply he detrade and deceived. melissa: we'll leave it there. lou dobbs, thank you so much. lori: see lou with melissa and me every day at this time. we look forward to our chat. 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern, "lou dobbs tonight.". tonight middle east analyst, walid phares and judith miller. >> thanks, good to be with you. melissa: it is quarter to. as we do every 15 minutes let's check with nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange where the retailers are looking a october sales. >> we'll look at key retailers we follow looking at names like nordstrom,
1:47 pm
coles, gap and target. -- kohl's. retail sales for the month of october. it was pretty good actually. that is the period that missed hurricane sandy. nordstrom numbers blew past expectations and jumped nearly 10% year-over-year. however nordstrom has come out and said store closures due to hurricane sandy may have an unfavorable impact on the november sales numbers. we will see, right? macy's october soles rose 4% year-over-year and bet beat the street and target estimates missed estimates and gap came slightly below estimates. as we look what is going on with hurricane sandy, the national retail federation said earlier in the week, for the holiday season they expected to see jump of 4% they said they may have to lower that to 3% because people are using extra cash
1:48 pm
to clean and prior after the hurricane. lori: buy generators i should have done months ago. live and llarn. melissa: there you go. a blockbuster month for automakers. rebecca lindland what you need to know. lori: the world's greatest manmade wonder turning 500 years old. looking good for her age. an unbelievable site sight but maybe not for long. a look at the sis seen chapel it -- sis teen chapel after this [ male announcer ] the markets keep moving.
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melissa: october auto sales were on the rise but one big u.s. automaker fell flat. joining me is ihs automotive director of strategic review
1:52 pm
rebecca lindland with more on the sales numbers and ford's's new succession plan announcement. rebecca, thanks for joining us. let's get to it. numbers look good but ford only up with a percent. what happened there. >> sorry i can't join you as usual in person. ford was a combination of things. i think they were a little bit off of our estimate. we hoped for a little bit higher sales from them but we were really a little bit disappointed in the fusion sedan which is going through a model changeover but we really, they were off 30% year-over-year. melissa: wow. >> they're only about, flat year-over-year typically. so that was a little bit of a disappointment. melissa: why do you think that happened? what went wrong there? >> sometimes there is just incentive issues. sometimes there is not as much fleet activity. it can really be a variety of things. overall ford cars sales were up 4%. their truck sales were a little bit softer than
1:53 pm
previously but that was mostly because of the ford ranger pickup truck. melissa: sticking with ford for a second, alan mulally, 67 years old, saying he will stay through 2014. what does that mean to you? >> it is actually a really good thing. we have spent a ridiculous amount of time as an industry particularly going on what is going on with alan mulally at ford. so the idea now that everyone knows he will stay through 2014 at least, ford is very serious about emphasizing that, it shows there is a solid progression plan there. it shows alan will continue to be a force within that company. and it really hopefully will appease wall street's anxiety about who is going to be taking over at ford. melissa: yeah. huge contrast to ford's lackluster performance, chrysler up 10%. was it just an easier comp or are they crushing it? >> you know, chrysler is just unbelievable. they have, we had a forecast of 120,000 units.
1:54 pm
they did 126,000 units. they're getting terrific help from vehicles like the dodge dart, the small compact sedan they didn't really have in the market before. so, they're getting incremental volume. vehicles like the dodge caravan is doing really well for them also. the jeep grand cherokee. so they're getting help from both cars and their trucks. that really wasn't going on last year. melissa: yeah. rebecca, thanks so much for that. >> thank you. cheers. lori: what a nice of her to take time for us today. she's the best. take michael angelo ceiling frescoes sistine chapel turns 500. melissa: amazing. lori: comes a warning from the vatican is may eventually limit visit to one of the most celebrated wonders of the western civilization. with he can ins craned upward nearly five million visitors enter it each year. in the summer as many as 20,000 enter each day. with all the people comes
1:55 pm
sweat, dust, carbon dioxide all the things that threaten the very fragile paintings future. there is no cap to daily visitors but while the vatican director of the museum says there are no plans to limit visitors they may have no choice after that. melissa: got to do it now because there might be some limit. the sweat, people's breath, they made tourists sound so disgusting. lori: it gets really packed in there. melissa: it gets hot. lori: really beautiful. melissa: it is without question. coming up tonight on "money", the steven schork of the schork report to talk about something not getting a lot of coverage of all this, a 350,000 gallon oil spill as result of sandy. it was caused in the waters ways between new jersey and report. you're not hearing a lot about it. we will talk about at 5:00 mm eastern. lori: lines is the word of the day. people waiting in long lines for gas.
1:56 pm
they're waiting for subways, buses, traffic at a standstill. a transportation crisis. melissa: ashley webster and cheryl casone with ways to invest after the recovery. here they come right now.
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>> melissa had to hitch a ride to work. >> whatever. it is new york. everyone is doing whatever they can to get it done. we have a market rally. 117 points on the dow. >> hurricane relief rally? >> i don't know. ashley: i'm trying to picture melissa hitchhiking. did you raise the thumb up and a little bit of leg? melissa: no, i had my tennis shoes on. it was not a sexy look. cheryl: your five closest new york friends in a cab together. melissa: right. lori: no traffic out there. melissa: yesterday, total gridlock. a new surprise every day around here. there you go.
2:00 pm
ashley: thank you. good afternoon, everybody. i'm ashley webster. cheryl: hi, everyone, i'm cheryl casone. stocks are soaring on upbeat economic news up triple digits although we're off session highs. it is all really a warm-up for tomorrow's all important jobs report. we'll tell you how to play it. ashley: plus the lights are slowly, and i mean slowly coming back on after sandy. life is anything but back it normal. public transportation systems completely overwhelmed. guess what? lines at the gas pump, they're snaking for miles. cheryl: unbelievable pictures. as attention turns to rebuilding after sandy, should you consider construction and homebuilder stocks? we have names to know and these names are popping. time for stocks now. top of the hour. we do this every 15 minutes. go down to nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. translating today into a pretty nice day on the floor. >> it is the first trading day for the month of november wrapping up.
2:01 pm
we're mixed and not too far off the unchanged line yesterday, where we saw a, not a great month for october. we snapped a four-month% winning streak and october was a down arrow for major averages. today is different picture. day two of trading on wall street and seeing up rare owes across the board. dow jones industrials up 118 points. off the earlier highs. we're seeing financials and drugs and retailers all doing quite well. look at some movers. research in motion looking testing for services for the new blackberry 10. that is doing well. avon products came out with numbers, profits to the downside. they had to slash dividends. he have steve madden shoes all-time high. visa, all-time high, coming out with numbers about. visa noting that they're seeing more and more folks using credit cards especially more affluent folks. we're seeing a lot of names on the move here. ford, for example, down 1%. sherwin-williams is up 1%. i'm able to look around
2:02 pm
check out hot stocks to watch. cheryl: great names, nicole. thank you very much. we'll see you soon. ashley: certainly lots moving on the jobs front. weekly applications for unemployment benefits dropping 9000 to 363,000. now a private indicator of unemployment is revising the way it calculates its data and things, yeah, could get messy. all of this ahead of the big jobs report coming out tomorrow which is just four days before the election. liz macdonald is here now with emac's bottom line. my, oh my, when it comes to the numbers good luck trying to sort them out. >> that's right. it is so confusing for viewers weill clear it up. what happened was, adp, a big payroll processor. they put out a monthly jobs report watched on wall street. everybody knows it is pretty volatile. they didn't realize how volatile because adp revised its numbers. hooked up with moody's analytics and did a revision back to 2001, 2001? >> 2001. starting from january to now,
2:03 pm
they said hey we could have possibly overstated our monthly jobs figures by 341,000. so they revised it lower by 24%. instead of 1.5 million jobs created since january, it is actually 1.2 million jobs. on a monthly basis that is 133,000 jobs a month, not the previously reported 167,000 jobs. i'm telling you this is a big debate and a big tempest going on wall street between economists i'm talk to. we got reaction from an analyst named david sloane at forecast. he is too is dprap pelling with the numbers. here is david sloane. listen what he says. >> the revised data looks more consistent with the u.s. non-farm payroll data released by the labor department and weaker than the numbers adp suggested. >> that is key, weaker than what adp previously suggested. economists say 7.9% unemployment rate.
2:04 pm
125,000 jobs created. still not great and not moving the economy needle much. ashley: right. >> no effect. not improving much. that is the takeaway. challenger gray and christmas saying 41% increase in layoffs last month. it is a mixed jobs picture and adp muddled it more. the data is coming in and we'll get back as they continue to revise. ashley: messy is about the right word. >> yeah, that's right. ashley: emac, thank you very much. >> sure. ashley: our next guest says the economy is moving into a sslf-sustaining recovery and thinks this market will go even higher. joining us jeff saut, chief investment strategist with raymond james. i love your optimism, jeff. what's it based on? >> the two sectors that typically pull the economy out of a soft spot are autos and housing. autos have done their job. we've gone a few years ago from nine million annualized run rate to close to 15 million annualized run rate. yet the fleet is still about 12 years old in this, in this country. so you're going to see
2:05 pm
further pull from that. but the housing market, is, starting to come on and come on stronger than most people think. we think that the baton is being handed from autos to housing, that housing will continue to look pretty perky and pick the economy up. cheryl: jeff, do you feel that is the last bastion for the recovery? usually we see jobs come back before housing. looks like we'll not get jobs coming back. we'll get housing coming bag. if you look at homebuilder stocks they are taking off today. >> they have taken off all year. they probably got ahead of themselves. our fundamental analysts actually downgraded making a great call being long the homebuilders they downgraded them here a month, month and a half ago. second derivative play on housing is a company my analysts have a strong buy on called rainier timberlands. they have 2.8 million acres of timber. they have high performance fiber doing really well.
2:06 pm
they increased their dividend 33% over the past three or four years. it looks like a good situation to us and a second derivative play on the improvement in home building. ashley: jeff, by all accounts, many people say this will be a volatile ride to the end of the year. if you agree with that, how can investors play it? >> again i think you have to stay with specialization situations. again ryn, i think is indeed a special situation. i think the surprise will be no matter who gets elected that you're going to see the policy makers adopt smarter policies and they will attack the deficits and you think you're going to get more productivity out of government. i think that will be a surprise to a lot of people. cheryl: you know, jeff, one of the things that we'll be looking at over the next few weeks is how the employment data and also economic data will be impacted by the storm. we're already seeing some companies point out one of the problems being quote, unquote, sandy. how will we really know what companies are really saying
2:07 pm
with regards to sandy? or frankly not saying? do you trust the numbers you get out of u.s. corporations? >> well the analysts i talk to are going to give companies a pass if you will because of sandy. so, i think that, that, i wouldn't pay a whole lot of attention to the numbers. until you get into the first quarter of next year. ashley: very good. jeff saut, with raymond james. jeff, thanks so much for joining you. we appreciate it. cheryl: some are getting power back actually in new york and new jersey right now commuter town hoboken, new jersey, remains largely underwater, leaving its residents stuck in their homes with weeks to wait, weeks before being able to return to work. jeff flock is live in hoboken, new jersey with more. jeff? >> cheryl, things have improved somewhat. the water really receded here. that is good news. we're awaiting a press conference from the mayor of hoboken, new jersey, dawn zimmer. she is supposed to be out any minute now.
2:08 pm
as you can see this is quite a large crowd. this is not just reporters but a lot of folks who live in the town who would like to know the latest. what they have been doing is posting a board up here with some of the latest information. they do say indeed it could be seven to 10 days before there is total power restoration up here. the water though is safe to drink. they're setting up charging stations. they have shelter locations. they're handing out water, if you have your own container. the problem is, we have a lot of financial professionals that live out here in hoboken. there are no path trains. that is typically how most folks get to work. there are buses running. some people are even hoofing it to work out here. this is a lot more of a vibrant community though than it was this time yesterday. maybe you saw those pictures of what hoboken looked like yesterday. people trapped as you report, in their homes. a lot of them rescued by the good folks from the national guard, and they're still on site, by the way, as this town, as others do, try to
2:09 pm
get some semblance of normalcy, of course without power or other things that they're used to having. cheryl? cheryl: good pictures, jeff. it didn't look like hoboken. i think that was the most surprising thing out of everything. it looked like, i don't even know what to say. it was crazy. jeff flock, thanks very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: we'll see what the mayor has to say. thank you very much. >> absolutely. speaking of damage and cleanup, homebuilder stocks are raising the roof again today. has sandy started a long-term trend for these names? >> wall street is back in business. it is time to make money. you are three quick minutes away from charles payne and his plays. first as we do at this time every day, look how oil is trading, up slightly today. up 79 cents. almost 1%. it is right around 87 bucks a barrel we'll be right back.
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
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2:13 pm
ashley: that means only one thing. time to make money with charles payne. this hour he is bringing us a stock in the wireless communications industry. so charles? >> if tracy was here, charles, not again because this is one of those real volatile stocks. >> charles, not again!. >> there you go. interdigital, a wireless industry pioneer. that is their words, not mine. it is a company they put together a whole bunch of patents for wireless industry. one week you don't know if you should put money on
2:14 pm
samsung, the next week, apple. what about rim? they come back and do business with all of them. they do patents. they had an amaziig quarter. the thing is the stock can be very volatile. here is the bottom line. 1.3 billion hand-sets will be sold in 2015. they will have a piece of the action across the board in different areas. execution has been a problem for this company. ashley: they just had some management changes, right? >> they had some management changes because of that. that did one of the reasons the stock has been under pressure. that create ad opportunity. i will add the caveat it can be volatile and i would suggest anyone in it or anyone who likes it, use $35 as a stop-loss. on the upside the next leg up could take it to 46. longer term if they fulfill some of this promise, even $51 a share. cheryl: what is the time frame now for holding stocks? you're always coming on with different plays but how are you feeling about holding some more volatile names? six months, a year? >> that is a great question.
2:15 pm
majority of time i come on and do the hits they're trading ideas for the most part. when they're not i say 401(k). but if this popped tomorrow, 20% i'm out. you don't have to worry about it. i'm out. so double-digit gains on these particularly in a short period of time. i'm probably going to take half if not all off the table. again sometimes i will come on and do, i don't, ashley and tracy they like the action. ashley: we do. >> they don't want me to say buy general mills and say hold it for your grandkids. something that will be up or down 20% tomorrow. so we have something to talk about. cheryl: thanks, charles. >> see you later. cheryl: nice having you on the noon show never again. as we do every 15 minutes, markets now, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. you have some tech stocks you're looking at. >> we're looking here at tech. we've seen gains across the board and majority of dow components have been doing so well.
2:16 pm
when you look at tech stocks we'll not leave the names out and microsoft and ibm. those are two dow components. cisco is another name. apple will be one yesterday selling off and back in the green after a couple of executives were ousted because of what we saw with their maps not doing as well was anticipated. so tech stocks in particular are doing quite well. i wanted to also take a look here at verisign. verisign has been quite active. it actually hit the circuit breakers. it was halted. it is back in action. you know verisign because of dot-coms and registries that they do and so they have been working with the commerce department. they had a deal with them and there was talk last week about whether or not that deal would continue. that contract would continue. verisign sold off. now we're getting news that it is likely moving forward here. we've have later in november. whether or not it is a full deal. the fact it is rolling forward is good news for verisign. that's why you see the pop. back to you. cheryl: nicole, thank you
2:17 pm
very much. we'll check back with you again of course in 14 minutes from now. homebuilder stocks was a major gainer yesterday. was this post-superstorm sandy a blip or boost for the upcoming quarters? david goldman from ubs gives us his plan coming up. ashley: we'll look how the dollar is moving right now. euro and u.k. pound is down as the dollar is up against those. japanese yen down against the dollar. there are belief the bank of japan may have to do more monetary easing to fight deflation. because of that we've seen the yen drop against the dollar. we'll be right back
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2:21 pm
>> at 20 minutes past the hour, hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby this is the fox news minute. former penn state president embroiled in the jerry sandusky scandal is brought up on charges related to that case. gram spanier was charged with child endangerment and failure to report abuse. two other university officials face similar charges. two israeli officials claim they killed a former deputy of yasir arafat in 1988. he was taken out by elite israeli forces in a seaborne
2:22 pm
raid in tunisia. that announcement comes after 25 years of secrecy. according to a white house report a number of obama staffers are supporting extra facial hair. why you ask? they say they won't shave until november 7th the day after the election as part of a superstition ritual. among them are jay carney and president's director of speech writing. no word if president obama is participating. that is the fox news minute. i'm jamie colby. back to ashley and cheryl. ashley: maybe win by a hair. that's all i've got, jamie, thanks very much. good news on the housing front. mortgage rights hovering near record lows according to freddie mac. the average 30-year fixed-rate fell to 3.39% according to freddie mac. a year ago it was 4%. a 15 year fixed-rate if you want to pay it quicker that averages down to 2.7%, from 3.1% last year.
2:23 pm
across the country 30-year fixed-rate average fell to lows. highest in the northeast and southeast at 3.44%. followed by the southwest, the north central region and lowest rates are in the west at 3.35%. cheryl: time to buy a beach condo. ashley: there you go. cheryl: construction spending rose in september to the most in almost three years led by stronger spending on homes. as the focus turns to rebuilding after sandy, will we see homebuilder stocks continue their big rally? joining us now david goldberg, he is an analyst with ubs. david, we've been watching these stocks go up and up and about 200% in some of these cases but do they have anymore to go on the heels of sandy? >> well look i think the reason stocks have been moving so far this year it is very much a momentum trade, right? not necessarily about where things will end in 2015 or 2016. how we get to normalized earnings. if the momentum continues you will see positive
2:24 pm
momentum at the end of this year into early next year. as relates to sandy, look, it definitely has driven builders up. we've even outperformance this week. it is not necessarily a great thing for public builders. areas affected by sandy are private builders. smaller construction jobs. geographically big publics don't have a huge exposure. doesn't mean that much this terms of fundamental results. cheryl: we got, i'll tell you it was a head bang of economic data today. you can't even list all of them. but we got october consumer confidence. best in four years. you also got construction spending data. want to get the two things coupled together making you more bullish on the sector? >> absolutely from the a fundamental sector that is exactly right. we're seeing pickup in housing. clear we're in recovery mode. a lot of debate is on pace of recovery, not whether we're having a recovery or not. i think again if you look fundamentally where we're headed this is priced into the stocks right now.
2:25 pm
if you think about momentum perspective it is more to the upside because people are trading on data points. cheryl: mortgage rates incredible new lows once again. we have not seen that for true new home sales. what we're seeing is a lot of refinancing in the market. do you think we'll finally turn the corner and truly get the new home recovery that would be kind of the final straw if you will to save the camel? >> i think what is really happened in the new home market, there isn't a lot of supply in the existing home market. you see a shift of existing homebuyers into the new home market. you definitely see a pickup. we're way below normal historical levels. because you haven't created that much demand. mortgage availability is still a problem. there are still constraints getting a mortgage. that will probably not change given what is going on in the regulatory environment. cheryl: you don't think financing will get better? we've been hearing from the banks for months saying loan activity is picking up, wells fargo in particular saying loan activity is very strong? >> you have to really focus on kind of loans they're
2:26 pm
writing. if you look at the market right now, what you see is very much dominated by government agencies and the fha, right? so ginnie mae and the agencies. do i think it will get more in hands of private lending? absolutely. do i think we'll see lot easier standards? probably not. it will get easier in terms of paperwork to get a loan but i don't think they will ease standards significantly. look what is going on from regulatory perspective. look at basil three and requirements it takes from a regulatory capital perspective. qr and qrm new regulatory redays in the works we don't know answers to. banks will be apprehensive to loosen standards at this point. cheryl: david, on other side we're talking residential but what about commercial real estate? are we going to see strength in that sector. >> that goes a little out outside my purview what we do. we'll see continued strength. seeing jobs. the economy is getting better of the housing drives that a little bit. makes sense. >> worth a shot. david goldberg with ubs,
2:27 pm
thank you very much. >> thanks so much for having me take care. cheryl: wall street may be open for business but how is anyone getting there? gas shortages epic lines for buses. it has been crazy today, you guys. is there a commuter storm brewing in sandy's wake? ashley: that is a nightmare, that's for sure. look at today he is winners and losers. leads he is may be commuters. dow is up 124 points. nice winners out there. verisign up nearly 9%. a and f, abercrombie & fitch. up two bucks today. we'll be right back. [ male announcer do you have the legal protection you need?
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ashley: you can see the streets off of sixth avenue. the streets are a lot more empty than they usually are. there are restrictions on parking in manhattan. all those people walking across the bridges. cheryl: one of our good friends is nicole. nicole come away looking at? she's standing on the floor of the new york stock exchange two. reporter: we have had this monumental reopening after two days of being closed down. what is the good part come in with the bad part? >> the good part is the
2:32 pm
resiliency and the indomitable spirit. and you go through wind and hail and hurricanes because we really do level love what we are doing. we know it services the public and the community. that is the good part about it. most of us are still struggling at home with no power and no key. >> so you're still thinking about your family and friends or two it is not as easy as it seems. when we talk about the markets coming it is looking pretty good for the month of november. why is that? >> you have a trifecta. great economic news is really lifting the market and the markets were oversold the last couple of weeks.
2:33 pm
cheryl: cell service, power, everything in downtown manhattan ashley: at the commuting and the nightmare here. motorists in new jersey and new york facing mile-long lines at gas stations across the reason is thousands and another day without power. tempers flared as many people waited for hours to fill up gas cans. gas stations in and around new york city have shut down because some we don't have electricity. those lucky enough to have some fuel face hours stuck in traffic jams. with the new york city transit system, commuters and brooklyn face the same long lines gridlines that wrapped around the block several times.
2:34 pm
getting a place on that seems relieved the best way we could. >> luckily, you have the president and others it's going to be a long haul for all of us. coming out of the dark, new york's con edison thing that they will resort power as soon as possible. adam shapiro is in the newsroom. it is still about 4.6 million nationwide. a couple of issues, the financial firms, goldman sachs, they either have headquarters in new york or the backup across the river they lost power they
2:35 pm
are we reach out to goldman sachs for comment on this. and they have not responded to us, but they did pick up the slack yesterday when knight capital had some problems because their backup generator wasn't working. let's get to the numbers regarding power outages. first, we have new jersey without power grid 1.5 million customers, no power from connecticut, 350,000 customers without power. one thing that you keep hearing people ask is when will i get power back. in manhattan, saturday at the latest on as, as long as the building wasn't damaged. he new jersey, 14 days in new york. con-ed not making any promises outside of manhattan.
2:36 pm
long island, they are not committing to anything. saying that it will be without power from seven to 10 days. they do not put out -- they don't qualify as to where that might take place. ashley: cheryl: out of sugar, may not get it back. ashley: 89 cents a girl for oil, unexpected drop in supply, which is bullish. also the third straight day of gains for oil. also the campaign state ohio. where will the swing state paul? cheryl: we will be right back
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
>> i am coming up with the update. given a population activity in the northeast of those without power, the price tag on
2:39 pm
hurricane sandy damage could reach $55 billion. that is according to new estimates. the company says that widespread power outages have shut down the new york city subway service and will likely push fuel costs higher. the pentagon plans to end its relationship with blackberry. they are going to bid on security software for google devices. leaving iphone's and others' life forms. that is your latest look at the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper
2:40 pm
cheryl: the final push of a campinas on. both candidates back on the campaign trail reaching out to voters in several pivotal states. rich edson has the latest. reporter: in the states,
2:41 pm
colorado, ohio, nevada -- we will see plenty of governor romney and president obama over the next five days. governor romney speaking in virginia. campaign aides say the candidates are pitching their closing arguments. president obama, a theme that his administration has accomplished economic progress. it is lost on the economy and criticizing the president's latest idea, proposing a new cabinet position. >> we do not even secretary of business to understand business. we need a president who understands business, naidu. >> we have made real progress these past four years. but wisconsin, we know that our work is not done yet. reporter: as the candidates across the country, election officials are ensuring that voters can get to the polls and vote once they get there. election officials say that despite power outages from the storm from all polling places currently have electricity. officials there say they expect a smooth election day, and ohio,
2:42 pm
according to political analysts, it seems like that one state that could decide this thing on tuesday night. cheryl: let's talk about what is coming up tomorrow for the candidates. they are very busy. reporter: interesting that you mention that. ohio for both of them. ohioans will see plenty of them over the next couple of days. cheryl: i don't know. i have been looking at the recent polls. it looked like the president is actually losing ground in the latest fox news poll when it comes to his handling of the economy. it's going to be a problem for him and ohio? reporter: the problems go back and forth between whether or not you believe the auto bailout is a problem for governor mitt romney. there is a huge auto lease for mitt romney or it is the argument the obama folks are making great the economy in ohio is just as bad as it is anywhere else in the country and our arguments are getting her there. we have the momentum in ohio,
2:43 pm
and i i guess we will figured out tuesday night. thank you both. ashley: could superstorm sandy reinforce social media's importance the importance during a crisis or natural disaster? it seem so. but not without pickups. dennis kneale covering that story and he joins us now. reporter: hello, ashley. for all the damage caused by sandy, this horrible hurricane may mean a windfall for twitter. many took to the social networking site to keep tabs on hurricane sandy. local governments and the stormont has been values. 9 million on my conversations about hurricane sandy occurred in a single day on twitter. tuesday, a hash tag sandy got more than 4 million post from 400,000 accounts according to a tracking firm called radium six. they reached an audience of more than 3 billion people. this is what the firm claims. on facebook's instagram
2:44 pm
photosites, six photos with every second. that also means pranksters put up bogus shots like these here. media outlets, including the weather channel and cnn, covered an entirely bogus story. saying that the new york stock exchange floor was 3 feet underwater. now, that that big story was about put out by a twitter guy that i follow. a hedge fund trader who calls himself comfortably smug. but other users corrected the reports and skin them alive. he has apologized. in the meantime, the mission is more visible than ever. that valuation may have just gone out. ashley: you're absolutely right. but why would you put that information out when it is not true? that is the problem with twitter. you can can't believe everything
2:45 pm
you read where you have to be skeptical. cheryl: you have to be fact checking. all right, a quarter till. stocks with nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange, as we do every 15 minutes. reporter: the dow jones industrial is looking good on its first trading day of november. we are up 125 points. we need to take a look at the dow component pfizer. seeing it down, a loss of about 1.5%, down 36 cents. one of the reasons they came out with their quarterly numbers. when you look at a quarter, profits are 14%. don't forget they lost their exclusivity on lipitor where they saw sales pulling back as well. it's about cholesterol drug was one of the reasons why we see the downside after the quarterly report.
2:46 pm
those are a couple of the things that we are watching when we watch pfizer. cheryl: thank you, nicole petallides. ashley: please stay with fox business for complete coverage and after the bell with liz claman and david asman. as motorists try to figure out how to get gas in their vehicles and pick up fallen trees up, we check it out with our reporter. cheryl: as we go to the break, check out the winners and losers were today. green mountain coffee rose. starbucks main competitor. we will be back after this
2:47 pm
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2:50 pm
cheryl: did you hear this? united airlines pilot unable to get the kennedy airport landing in new york city because he was the only person in his car and there was a three person minimum. his flight missed his departure. there were a plane full of people waiting for him. peter burns is at reagan national airport with the status. reporter: according to the
2:51 pm
airlines, things will be back to normal by tomorrow. data collected by flight shows that the airlines are reporting just 18 cancellations for tomorrow. today, they had nearly 700. yesterday, over 3000. for the whole hurricane event, 20,800, according to this data. we have more passengers here at reagan national airport today than when we were here. if we look at flight radar, it shows a lot more flights in the air. orange and yellow little planes are on the screen. but there are still some problems, particularly at the major airports in new york. newark and jfk still flying in, allowing flights in on a reduced set schedule. la guardia opened this morning, but just one of its two runways is open. cheryl: all right, peter burns.
2:52 pm
italy's air traffic is a little bit better. thank you. ashley: let's talk about auto sales for the numbers are in for october and they look pretty decent. chrysler saying october sales were the best in five years. ford talking succession plans. senior analyst with how the auto makers are feeling in this economy. jessica, when you look at these %-bear in mind that superstorm sandy wiped out the last three days of the month, what is your overall sense of the industry right now? >> very good. you made a good point. superstorm sandy pretty much made it hard to buy a vehicle. people that were not glued to television from other parts of the country -- that makes about 17% total sales in the month of october. so that is a big chunk of sales. considering that the numbers we are seeing are positive from a lot of the automakers, some more effective than others, i think that speaks, you know, good news
2:53 pm
in terms of the auto industty in general. ashley: we have a graphic of now. you can see sales, that is the biggest and largest automaker. up 4.5% year-over-year. what is our highlights that you would pick out the gm in this last month? >> we're pretty positive this month. ashley: the sales are up .4%. the estimate was up 3.5%. they have the ford fusion coming out, the chevy still coming out.
2:54 pm
it could be a point in which not all the vehicles are out yet, but along those lines, things will be better and we know down the road whether there really is a problem or not. ashley: speaking with forbes management team. the ceo at lease through 2014, but it appears that the head of ford america says things are looking good three a lot of people are saying the same. certainly over the past few two years, it has put a big wall in the turnaround because there are much different companies than there were just a few years ago.
2:55 pm
if things go well, it could be anybody. i think obviously, it is a big choice of this moment in time. ashley: i wanted to talk more about hurricane sandy. on the flipside of this, yes, it hurt sales for the last three days of this month. but one insurance claim paid up those flooded vehicles, and they could see a boost in parcells as a result. >> certainly so. i think it will be that we are looking at new and used for it will help people out there is finance rates out there, both on financing for new and also leasing. generally a healthy bond for chrysler in general. ashley: thank you so much.
2:56 pm
>> thank you. cheryl: we are getting breaking news in the markets right market right now. take a look at advance auto parts. the stock is halted. after hitting a circuit breaker on the report that has hired blackstone to explore the sale of the company. substantially up, but now, the stock is halted and liz claman will be covering that. ashley: liz claman will be set for triple digit gains. >> also had, -- also ahead, the countdown to the closing bell ia next. this is karen anjeremiah. hey don't know it yet, but they' gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people
2:57 pm
who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
2:58 pm
so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte covera than all other networks combined. de and ♪ ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪
2:59 pm
♪ then 5-hour energy will help y go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ liz: good afternoon everybody. i'm liz claman. it is the last hour of trading. how are we all holding up? okay? we've got anotr

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